Research and Reports

There are research projects and reports published locally in Dallas that impact the recommendations for land use to best protect communities of color from the harms of environmental racism.

Daniel Beshara P.C., September 2020: Industrial Zoning in Residential Areas of Dallas

Mike Daniel and Laura Beshara are two of Dallas’ most prominent civil rights attorneys. They have represented several neighborhood groups on issues to do with fair housing and environmental justice issues. Most recently, they have worked with Marsha Jackson with Southern Sector Rising on her federal environmental lawsuit that also includes the City of Dallas. Specifically, they connect the zoning and rezoning efforts by the City of Dallas dating back several decades that led to the close proximity of hazardous industrial use to Black and Brown residential areas.

They created a series of maps documenting the locations of industrial zoning by racial composition of adjacent neighborhoods. The overwhelming trend indicates that White neighborhoods do not have industrial zoning. Check out all the maps on their site.

Paul Quinn College, Spring 2020: Poisoned by Zip Code

During the Spring 2020 semester at Paul Quinn College, the Organizing for Public Health class conducted research titled “Poisoned by Zip Code” to compare the different air pollution burdens across the City of Dallas. The executive summary can be found below, and the full report on request from the Urban Research Initiative.

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