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KERA News December 10, 20204

Advocates Say Removal Of ‘Shingle Mountain’ Is Only The Beginning

Though the city has hired a company to haul Shingle Mountain away, residents of Floral Farms in southeast Dallas say tearing it down would be just the start of the recovery process. They’re calling for more to be done, including the implementation of a plan that will address racial zoning…[read more here].

KERA News December 8, 2020

In The Shadow Of ‘Shingle Mountain,’ Neighbors Fight To Dismantle A Legacy Of Environmental Racism

The residents of Choate Road in southeast Dallas have seen the rise of Shingle Mountain, a more than 70,000 ton toxic waste dump that was created by a recycling company. Now, they hope the City of Dallas keeps its promise to tear the mountain down…[read more here].

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