Floral Farms

A Brief Timeline of Floral Farms Neighborhood Advocacy Leading to the Neighborhood Planning Process…

December 2018 First story about Shingle Mountain in the Dallas Morning News

March 2019 Southern Sector Rising launched and closed down Shingle Mountain

May 2019 Two concrete batch plants proposed in Floral Farms neighborhood. Both permits fought and denied.

August 2019 Authorized Hearing to comprehensively review Floral Farms neighborhood zoning initiated (pictured below)

December 2019 Neighborhood Plan Process began

This is the Authorized Hearing Process detailed by the City of Dallas. However, it can often take up to two years for step 2 to begin once step 1 has been initiated.

This map is the area determined by the community as the boundaries necessary to comprehensively review the zoning in Floral Farms. Despite there being 23 residential properties in the boundaries, looking solely at the zoning, you would not know that.


DRAFT Community Plan

DRAFT Zoning and Land Use Recommendations

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