The Southern Dallas Neighborhood-Self Defense Project is an effort to use the official citywide Forward Dallas process to reverse decades of racist zoning in Southern Dallas putting People of Color dangerously close to polluters. We provide assistance to neighborhood organizations to create and adopt grassroots plans that expresses the desires of residents for their own communities. Join us by signing on to our platform. Our goals include:

  1. Implementing an equitable process for the rapid approval of neighborhood plans by the City of Dallas. Residents must have their voices heard.
  2. Establishing a citywide residential right-to-know that can warn neighborhoods of new pollution threats.  Don’t keep us in the dark.
  3. Southern Dallas land currently zoned for industry but not used for industry will be rezoned for non-industrial uses. We need to redraw the map of where polluters can locate in Dallas.
  4. Prohibiting new polluters from locating in the Trinity River floodplain and a timetable for removal of polluters still doing business there. Flooding and toxins shouldn’t mix.
  5. A checklist for permit and zoning regulation compliance as part of every code compliance visit to a property to aid enforcement.

Thank you to our supporters.

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