What Is forward!Dallas and Why YOU Should Care.

Most cities or municipalities have comprehensive land use plans that shape how a city grows. They are generally amended or updated every 5 to 10 years. The City of Dallas has a comprehensive land use plan called “forwardDallas!” which was adopted in 2005 and last amended in 2009.

The City Plan Commission must refer to land use plans, either citywide or neighborhood specific, when reviewing zoning changes or permits in the City. The forwardDallas! plan is being reviewed in 2020 by the City of Dallas, and a committee of stakeholders.

Our goal is to provide education and technical assistance to neighborhoods who are interested in leveraging the forwardDallas! process to incorporate their own neighborhood vision into the plan. To review the full forwardDallas! plan, check out the website.

This map is the current forwardDallas! vision adopted in 2009.

There are only 3 neighborhood led area plans in Dallas out of the 33 area plans within the City. The other 30 plans are City initiated plans. We hope to add to the 3 neighborhood led plans through this project. For a full list of all the area plans check out this website or look at the map below.

Map of approved area plans within the City of Dallas.

This map on the right illustrates the distribution of neighborhood led versus City of Dallas led area plans that have been adopted to date.

This map illustrates all the census tracts in Dallas by percentage of population in poverty with the outlines of all adopted area plans.

This map illustrates the census tracts within area plan boundaries. The outlined areas in black are the neighborhood led plans and their percentage of population in poverty. A few key outtakes are:

  • 12 census tracts that are mostly within the boundaries of the three neighborhood led area plans
  • 4 of the census tracts are within the 0% to 8% population below poverty
  • 1 within the 8% to 16% range
  • 5 tracts within the 16% to 25% range
  • 3 tracks within the 23% to 33% range
  • 0 within the 33% to 54% range

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